Memorial Day is right around the corner, and that means you should be putting your finishing touches on how to celebrate with friends and family. Before you throw your Memorial Day bash next weekend, read these tips:


Find an outdoor venue.

It wouldn’t be Memorial Day without fun in the sun, so don’t plan a party unless you can secure an outdoor venue, preferably one at the beach. Use Venue Viking to search for venues with beautiful outdoor spaces. Just choose your location, guest count and price range, and a list of venues that meet your criteria will pop up for you to choose from.

Don’t go overboard with the decorations.

Every Memorial Day party should have red, white and blue decorations, but if you go too far, it might look a little cheesy. Keep the decorations to a minimum so you can show your patriotic spirit in an appropriate manner. Plan on using decorative tablecloths, striped straws and red, white and blue colored foods. Remember, Memorial Day parties are supposed to be laid-back and casual celebrations, so don’t put more effort than needed into the decorations.

Beat the heat.

What better way to beat the heat than serving refreshing foods? A great way to serve a light dessert while still honoring Memorial Day is to use fruit kabobs in red, white and blue colors. Use strawberries or raspberries for the red, blueberries for the blue, and then chunks of vanilla pound cake or cheesecake for the white. Allow guests to dip their food into yogurt or whipped cream to add extra sweetness.

Set the mood.

Create a playlist full of classic American songs to celebrate Memorial Day with your friends and family. Choose songs such as Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA, Tom Petty’s American Girl and Don McLean’s American Pie. Not only do these songs fit the theme of the party well, they’re all upbeat, too, so they’ll keep the party pumping through the evening.

Ask guests to bring food.

If you’re not having your party at home or through a venue where you’ll have access to a grill, ask guests to pitch in on food. Tell everyone to bring their own food that they want to throw on the grill, and then cook it up for them when they arrive. This will ensure that you have a wide variety of food at the party instead of just the typical hot dogs and hamburgers. Challenge guests to bring unusual items that aren’t typically grilled, such as fruits and veggies that will make a great side to your meat dish. Asking guests to help out with the food makes the entire event much less formal and also guarantees that no one will leave hungry or unsatisfied!

Follow these tips when you host your Memorial Day party and you won’t need fireworks to go off with a bang!